About Sing

Why did I call me-Sing,for I think life is just like a song,I will sing it positively and attentively


12 Responses to About Sing

  1. betweenstops says:

    Hi Sing~ I like your style and you have many interesting ideas.
    I also make lights. not so much LED
    but maybe I should.

    now i am making solar lights
    they glow beautifully at night

    maybe it’s night there

    • singlee18 says:

      Ah,I am pleased to recognize you on the internet,and I often think about associating the soar energy and wind energy with the LED grow light,if this dream realize,we can drive the LED grow light by natural energy,very environmentally friendly.

  2. yoshizen says:

    It’s true in certain extent —– LEDs are better as its efficiency is twice better though ? ? ?
    I have used an LED of 18W from Lumiled. It also a 10W of heat generator as its efficiency
    is only 40%. Big heat sink and cooling fan was needed 😦
    Another trouble is to make LEDs, it needs to use Mercury, Arsenic etc, not necessary friendly
    to environment.
    By the way, can you guess how my [Rotating LED Disco-light] in Youtube works ?
    ( Google [ kinetorori ] and go to [ kinetorori’s channel ] please )

    • singlee18 says:

      Thank you for visiting my blog.May be the old model of the lights are not very efficient,but now there are some new models on the market,with powerful heat dissipation function,you can easily find them through Google search.
      I am sorry that I cannot open the website you offered.And could you possibly tell me which parts of the LED grow lights are built with Mercury and Arsenic?

  3. yoshizen says:

    If you closely see a LED, a tiny bright spot is shining and a fine gold wire is connected.
    It is in fact a diode —- as the name suggests, it is two kind of silicon crystals are jointed,
    (or a crystal having two-part of layer) each part containing small amount of substances,
    such as Galium, Arsenic, Phosphor, Nitrate etc, to make different color or hi-brightness.
    White LED is in fact Blue (to UV) LED, coated with Fluorescent pigment which contain
    Mercury. (composition of material in the pigment makes the color warm to cold white).

    • singlee18 says:

      Ah,after your explanation,it seems that I should learn more about the inner parts of the little LED lamp beads.
      Thank you very much,Yoshizen.Have a good day.But isn’t it at night in your country now?

  4. yoshizen says:

    Ha ha ha 😀 Now in London it’s 4:15 am —– as the Email, Comments is keep
    coming, it keeps me awake.

  5. Really like your message of light!

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