Climbing a mountain

How time flies! When I make a change to come back here again, it is been 4 years later since last time, I wish all of my friends and yours families are happy, healthy and always good luck.

I finally had a opportunity to visit the Shengtang Mountain in almost two years ago. I just cannot find a word to express my feelings, so let the photos talk for themselves and myself.

We drove a car to get to the foot of the mountain in the morning, the weather was very good.


Half an hour later, we arrived in the foot.


After a short rest we started our trip and encountered a set of attractive views around the way (some of the pictures were taken when we climbed down the mountain in the evening).

The azalea trees and a very important tree of Podocarpus macrophyllus (I am not sure if this is its English name, in Chinese, we call it 罗汉松), this tree has been the symbol of Laibin city, we always can see it appears on the TV screen. I tried to climb it and took some photos, after that, some told me that I had broken the laws, for since some years ago, the tree had been protected by laws and would not allow to climb it again. Well, I still remember when I was young, I saw some amazing pictures of my father and his friends and his students, for they had climbed to the tree and taken photos, LOL.

OK, finally, I was lucky enough, because I was not punished for my rude behavior.

The hotel stands at the top of the mountain. 15 years ago, it costed a huge amount of money and countless labor forces to get it built, without any modern equipment, the heavers carried the bricks, cements, metals and all materials by using their shoulders from the foot of the mountain to the top, some of them were women, I learnt each time they took about 50-90KG according to their ability, each day two times, and they got about 20-30 US dollars per day. Of course, I personally never like this hotel, for it wastes too many resources, and finally the tourists have to pay for a high cost.

2014-10-05 23.17.13

The top, 1979 meters above the sea level, it is the second highest mountain in Guangxi province.


It took about 2 hours to climb down it. In China, we always have a saying: It is easy to climb up a mountain, but hard to climb down it. I am afraid that you never understand it if you have not ever tried to climb such a mountain.

A view of the Shengtang Mountain from my house.


Finally, some tips of climbing this mountain. Usually, it has two seasons to climb it, one is in the middle of May, the blooming time of the azalea flowers; the second season is in the October, because during this time, the weather is usually good and cool, so the tourists will not feel too hard to climb it. You will be welcomed whenever you visit my hometown, though I am now living in a city which is 800 kilos far away from it.

* This spring and summer, the weather is extremely bad, because of many heavy rains, probably because of the phenomenon of El Niño, the road has been collapsed frequently.

OK, now, thanks a lot for your visit to my blog, I might not be able to log in very often, but please keep in mind: Wherever I am, and whenever, I always wish you the best.


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7 Responses to Climbing a mountain

  1. yoshizen says:

    Oh Sing Lee what a pleasure to see you ! Well come back.
    Yesterday, I saw a single access from China = it happens only once or twice in a year.
    So, I thought of you.
    I guess, you been busy with your own family —– are two boys, your kidds ?
    (How you managed to have more than one child ! —– did you payed big money, or
    your family got powerful connection ?)
    Are you still dealing with agricultural LED system ? — How the business ?
    What ever so, good news and the good photos !
    Hoping to see more post coming. (I myself is still here doing more or less the same)

    • singlee18 says:

      Hello, my old friend, I am so happy to see you again. To the two boys, one is my sister’s son, the another is his cousin. I am still a single man. Well, to the population plan in China, right now, it has been changed, we can have two children now. I still work in the LED market.
      How is your situation in the UK please? Does the separation affect your life?

      • yoshizen says:

        I see. Uncle Lee guided two kidds to the mountain ! (In fact, all those Chinese situation has been well reported to the west) — I’ve been single since 1987 !
        And a pensioner of 72 ! — If you can read my blog, all those stories were written though, I know WP blog is hard to access in your country.
        — How about this link, can you open ? >> — If not I can send it in Email. It’s a long story.

  2. nancee says:

    Wow, your photographs are breathtaking and beautiful!
    As always you have a way of taking your reader on the adventure with you. I agree it looks like a toad too. Good to see a post from you again.

  3. yoshizen says:

    Reblogged this on Yoshizen's Blog and commented:
    Sing Lee has been a great blogger and one of two friend in China.
    So that,time to time, he has been appeared/mentioned in my blog.

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