Say hello to you my dear friends

I am lucky to log in for some minutes but unable to share anything with you my old friends though I have thousands of interesting stories. Time flies and 4 years have gone, I believe all of us have something to share.

It is me


About singlee18

A young man,also a vegetarian.
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1 Response to Say hello to you my dear friends

  1. yoshizen says:

    It’s a fabulous news to hear from my dear friend Singlee.
    Since I put a story of Yamakake cooking in which you’ve contributed
    the Chinese way of the Soft-yam cooking. Strangely that post has been
    very popular and keep seeing the search term “Yamakake” almost everyday.
    So that, time to time I go back to the post and read again and seeing your
    name there which made me think of you and the situation in China.
    (—– is it the way go through the trick to connect the WordPress ? = still
    no permanent solution yet ? )

    Anyway, a man in the picture is that you today ? = looks cool guy. 🙂
    Are you still dealing with the Agricultural LED lighting ? — in Japan
    the vegetable growing factories (without soil and rely on the LED lighting)
    in an urbane building becoming quite common now.
    = grow where the consumers are !
    —– Keep try connect = Hope your good luck.

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