NOTICE to My dear readers

It’s a sad news.  Since Chinese authority seemed to have blocked the WordPress,

I can no longer access my own blog, or read any of the

WordPress blogs over here in China.

( I asked my friend in London to post this notice.)

I’m working hard to open my new blog somewhere else and I’ll post further notice

and the link to new site here ASAP.

So, please watch the space and wish my luck.  And see you in the new site soon.  🙂



About singlee18

A young man,also a vegetarian.
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9 Responses to NOTICE to My dear readers

  1. Indeed sad news. I will watch for your new efforts.

  2. nancee says:

    How awful. I will look out for your new posts, Good luck!

  3. gypsydoodles says:

    sad =’c see you on your new site, then! =)

  4. Mystery Momma says:


  5. yoshizen says:

    Good good !
    Now our dear friend Sing Lee has returned = so,
    have look how he is dusting his old nest with NEW post. 🙂

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