The great Shengtang Mountain in my hometown

The great Shengtang Mountain stands in south China,it is the second highest mountain in GuangXi province.

Though our village is located at very closed to the foot of the Shengtang Mountain,somehow,I have not got a chance to climb up to the top of it.Now,the new roads have been completed,the transportation is very efficient,it takes about one and a half hours from our county to the mountain foot,and it takes about three hours from the famous tourist attraction-GuiLin to our county.Our village is located in the mid-way between the county and the mountain.

                         The view of the Shengtang Mountain while standing in front of my house,but its main peak has not been taken into this photograph,it it on the right hand.

When I was young,my primary school often arranged students to climb the Shengtang Mountain.but I did not join them,I don’t know why?And I became a residential student at age 11,and the opportunity to climb the mountain was less than before.We just homed at weekend by foot most often,because the transportation was not good at that time.But sometimes we could do hitchhiking by tractors or trucks which were going to transport wood.But I finally got a chance to climb it,it was four years ago,I return my hometown in summer,I asked two of my childhood friends to go alongside with me.But while we are climbing on to the middle of the mountain,they were not willingly to climb again,for they had climbed it many times.Without their guide,I could not continue climbing,so the only chance was failed.But I could get some great scenic spots,for there are so many of them  along the way.

                           Standing at the top and enjoying the sunrise.

                        Standing at the top and enjoying the sunset.

The most brilliant view is standing at the top and enjoying the sunrise and sunset,sometimes,there are mist and clouds flowing under the feet,you can really enjoy the fantastic feeling of being a supernatural being at the moment.

                                Enjoying the great view at the top.

                             Enjoying the cloud sea in the morning.

                                                    The sea of clouds.

One of the most famous scenic spots is the great ancient podocarpus tree at the top of the Shengtang Mountain,My father often climbs on to the tree and takes photographs.And now,the great podocarpus tree has become a symbol of LaiBin district.

                                    The ancient podocarpus tree.

Every year,a great number of visitors come from around the world to climb the Shengtang Mountain.And the most people all choose the Labor Day holiday or the National Day holiday.These two holiday often get with good weather,so that tourists can completely enjoy the great views.

But my father tells me,the most fantastic view is not the sunrise and the sea of clouds,it is the brilliant view of the blossoming azaleas in May,and this is also why most visitors choose to climb the mountain during the Labor Day holiday.Thousands acres of azalea forests growing naturally on many mountain peaks.While they are blooming,how can I imagine that great spectacle?

                           Blossoming azaleas on the Shengtang Mountain.

                                 A close look at the azaleas.

                                 Enjoying the blooming azaleas.

Of course,there are so many tourist attractions in my hometown,such as LianHua Mountain,LuoHan Mountain,and Silver fir Park,ect.If you are have a travelling plan to visit GuiLin,take the consideration of visiting my hometown,it is near by GuiLin.My county name is JinXiu Yao Autonomous County(金秀瑶族自治县),and there are five types of ethnic minority of Yao ethnic in there,and I am Shanzi Yao(山子瑶),our ancestors had no freedom in the old society until the People’s Republic of China was established in 1949,before that time,they had been exploited and oppressed by the old Landlord Class(地主阶级).


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9 Responses to The great Shengtang Mountain in my hometown

  1. yoshizen says:

    Wao !
    It made my mouth shut.
    ( Is that the pictures are great or the mountain / Nature is great ? 🙂 )
    ( I used be climbing the mountain a lot —– long time ago.)

  2. Diane says:

    Superb Sing! I’ve just browsed through this post and the photos are breathtaking! Will read it thoroughly and enjoy it I am sure. As usual your English is very good – my husband just said so too! Thanks for subscribing to my blog! Is subscribing the same as following?

    • singlee18 says:

      Thank you very much,dear Diane,I grew up in a place surrounded by high mountains,so I like them.
      As your compliments in my English,I am flattered,learning English is my hobby,no matter I can handle it well or not,I will continue learning it.
      I am learning to using blog,so I don’t know how to distinguish the difference between subscribing and following.May be they are the same.

  3. nancee says:

    Those photos are amazing. The way you describe the mountain I feel like I am there. Thanks for the wonderful picture vacation.

  4. Evgenii says:

    Was in Shentangshan on march 2014, but it was closed 😦
    I went to entrance gate by the serpantine and look only few securities. They told me, when attraction was in reconstruction. I moved back and visit closest same mountain – Lianhuashan
    On next year, 2016, on late February, I want will try to visit this amazing place – Shengtangshan
    Dear Sing, do you please advice, will that scenic area open for visitors or not. Thank you!

    • singlee18 says:

      Hello, Evgenii, very sorry for the delay response. Yes, the Shengtangmoutain is now re-opening to tourists. I visited it myself in October, 2014! Right now, I am living in Shenzhen, a city which is about 800 kilos far away from my hometown, but you will be welcomed at anytime when you visit it.

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