Happy birthday to you-Our great mother

Dancing and singing,we are celebrating the National Day,we wish our great mother will be more and more prosperous and keeps developing steadily.

With a humble gratitude,we are celebrating this memorable day,sixty two years ago,our ancestors established our new nation after having fought for a long time.

Sentimentally,we are recalling those great people who had sacrificed their blood and sweats,many of them even sacrificed their valuable lives so that we can have a new life,our nation finally reunited and established.Without their efforts,we cannot get rid of the Feudalism society and the exploitation could be continued.

It was because their spirit of dedication that we can now live in a peaceful world.And I always hope the whole earth to be more peaceful.No war and no terrorism,I always wait for this day.



About singlee18

A young man,also a vegetarian.
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2 Responses to Happy birthday to you-Our great mother

  1. What a wonderful thought. Truly. Enjoy the day!

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