To be young

Always to be young and happy!



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Climbing a mountain

How time flies! When I make a change to come back here again, it is been 4 years later since last time, I wish all of my friends and yours families are happy, healthy and always good luck.

I finally had a opportunity to visit the Shengtang Mountain in almost two years ago. I just cannot find a word to express my feelings, so let the photos talk for themselves and myself.

We drove a car to get to the foot of the mountain in the morning, the weather was very good.


Half an hour later, we arrived in the foot.


After a short rest we started our trip and encountered a set of attractive views around the way (some of the pictures were taken when we climbed down the mountain in the evening).

The azalea trees and a very important tree of Podocarpus macrophyllus (I am not sure if this is its English name, in Chinese, we call it 罗汉松), this tree has been the symbol of Laibin city, we always can see it appears on the TV screen. I tried to climb it and took some photos, after that, some told me that I had broken the laws, for since some years ago, the tree had been protected by laws and would not allow to climb it again. Well, I still remember when I was young, I saw some amazing pictures of my father and his friends and his students, for they had climbed to the tree and taken photos, LOL.

OK, finally, I was lucky enough, because I was not punished for my rude behavior.

The hotel stands at the top of the mountain. 15 years ago, it costed a huge amount of money and countless labor forces to get it built, without any modern equipment, the heavers carried the bricks, cements, metals and all materials by using their shoulders from the foot of the mountain to the top, some of them were women, I learnt each time they took about 50-90KG according to their ability, each day two times, and they got about 20-30 US dollars per day. Of course, I personally never like this hotel, for it wastes too many resources, and finally the tourists have to pay for a high cost.

2014-10-05 23.17.13

The top, 1979 meters above the sea level, it is the second highest mountain in Guangxi province.


It took about 2 hours to climb down it. In China, we always have a saying: It is easy to climb up a mountain, but hard to climb down it. I am afraid that you never understand it if you have not ever tried to climb such a mountain.

A view of the Shengtang Mountain from my house.


Finally, some tips of climbing this mountain. Usually, it has two seasons to climb it, one is in the middle of May, the blooming time of the azalea flowers; the second season is in the October, because during this time, the weather is usually good and cool, so the tourists will not feel too hard to climb it. You will be welcomed whenever you visit my hometown, though I am now living in a city which is 800 kilos far away from it.

* This spring and summer, the weather is extremely bad, because of many heavy rains, probably because of the phenomenon of El Niño, the road has been collapsed frequently.

OK, now, thanks a lot for your visit to my blog, I might not be able to log in very often, but please keep in mind: Wherever I am, and whenever, I always wish you the best.

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Say hello to you my dear friends

I am lucky to log in for some minutes but unable to share anything with you my old friends though I have thousands of interesting stories. Time flies and 4 years have gone, I believe all of us have something to share.

It is me

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I have returned this great community,my dear friends

Since the international WP was blocked several months ago,I have not got a chance to visit this great community again.
Heihei,but now,I have returned here by using some amazing web agent.
It is really glad to meet you again,my dear friends.Let’s cheer and fly with the great WordPress.
Winter is coming,I like the white snow,but also hate the cold weather,it seems that I am always so self-contradictory.

But there is a saying:If winter comes,can spring be far behind?In winter,the most exciting activity is to enjoy the fragrant orchid flowers,for they always blossom in this cold season,it seems that they fear of nothing about the cold weather.Orchids are the bravest flowers in my heart.

There are lots of orchid plants in my hometown,they really blossom in the winter,during the Spring Festival in China.
As you know,there is a large ancient forest surrounding the great Shengtang Mountain,there are many varieties of orchids in it.I still remember when I was a little boy,there was someone collecting orchid plants,I also marched into the ancient forest bravely to found some orchids and sold them to that person,at that time,it was about 0.3-0.5 usd per plant.

Orchid plant

Orchid plant

But someone was very lucky,for sometimes they could get the golden-rim orchids or silver-rim orchids,he could get lots of money,about 20 usd per plant at that time.I don’t know how to describe those plants in native English:There are two golden or silver lines on each rim on an orchid’s leaf.I only saw them for about twice or three times,now,there are very very few.

I will return my hometown next month and spend our great Spring Festival,and I will take some orchid plants to Shenzhen and grow them in my office,as I have asked my father to collect some of them.

In fact,all of our folks grow orchids in their garden fields in our village,it is very easy to find that plants.

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NOTICE to My dear readers

It’s a sad news.  Since Chinese authority seemed to have blocked the WordPress,

I can no longer access my own blog, or read any of the

WordPress blogs over here in China.

( I asked my friend in London to post this notice.)

I’m working hard to open my new blog somewhere else and I’ll post further notice

and the link to new site here ASAP.

So, please watch the space and wish my luck.  And see you in the new site soon.  🙂


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My feelings

I am a horse being kept in a shed,I have forgotten how great the feeling is while running on the pasture land.
I am an eagle being kept in a cage,I have forgotten how wide and high the sky is.

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The great Shengtang Mountain in my hometown

The great Shengtang Mountain stands in south China,it is the second highest mountain in GuangXi province.

Though our village is located at very closed to the foot of the Shengtang Mountain,somehow,I have not got a chance to climb up to the top of it.Now,the new roads have been completed,the transportation is very efficient,it takes about one and a half hours from our county to the mountain foot,and it takes about three hours from the famous tourist attraction-GuiLin to our county.Our village is located in the mid-way between the county and the mountain.

                         The view of the Shengtang Mountain while standing in front of my house,but its main peak has not been taken into this photograph,it it on the right hand.

When I was young,my primary school often arranged students to climb the Shengtang Mountain.but I did not join them,I don’t know why?And I became a residential student at age 11,and the opportunity to climb the mountain was less than before.We just homed at weekend by foot most often,because the transportation was not good at that time.But sometimes we could do hitchhiking by tractors or trucks which were going to transport wood.But I finally got a chance to climb it,it was four years ago,I return my hometown in summer,I asked two of my childhood friends to go alongside with me.But while we are climbing on to the middle of the mountain,they were not willingly to climb again,for they had climbed it many times.Without their guide,I could not continue climbing,so the only chance was failed.But I could get some great scenic spots,for there are so many of them  along the way.

                           Standing at the top and enjoying the sunrise.

                        Standing at the top and enjoying the sunset.

The most brilliant view is standing at the top and enjoying the sunrise and sunset,sometimes,there are mist and clouds flowing under the feet,you can really enjoy the fantastic feeling of being a supernatural being at the moment.

                                Enjoying the great view at the top.

                             Enjoying the cloud sea in the morning.

                                                    The sea of clouds.

One of the most famous scenic spots is the great ancient podocarpus tree at the top of the Shengtang Mountain,My father often climbs on to the tree and takes photographs.And now,the great podocarpus tree has become a symbol of LaiBin district.

                                    The ancient podocarpus tree.

Every year,a great number of visitors come from around the world to climb the Shengtang Mountain.And the most people all choose the Labor Day holiday or the National Day holiday.These two holiday often get with good weather,so that tourists can completely enjoy the great views.

But my father tells me,the most fantastic view is not the sunrise and the sea of clouds,it is the brilliant view of the blossoming azaleas in May,and this is also why most visitors choose to climb the mountain during the Labor Day holiday.Thousands acres of azalea forests growing naturally on many mountain peaks.While they are blooming,how can I imagine that great spectacle?

                           Blossoming azaleas on the Shengtang Mountain.

                                 A close look at the azaleas.

                                 Enjoying the blooming azaleas.

Of course,there are so many tourist attractions in my hometown,such as LianHua Mountain,LuoHan Mountain,and Silver fir Park,ect.If you are have a travelling plan to visit GuiLin,take the consideration of visiting my hometown,it is near by GuiLin.My county name is JinXiu Yao Autonomous County(金秀瑶族自治县),and there are five types of ethnic minority of Yao ethnic in there,and I am Shanzi Yao(山子瑶),our ancestors had no freedom in the old society until the People’s Republic of China was established in 1949,before that time,they had been exploited and oppressed by the old Landlord Class(地主阶级).

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